On the 10th of Asar, local authorities from various districts, including Syangja’s Kali Gandaki Rural Municipality,

presented the budget proposal for the fiscal year 2080/081. While studying the complete budget presentation for the

upcoming fiscal year in yesterday’s village assembly, it was observed that there is no provision in the budget for free

medication for chronic diseases such as asthma, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and spinal injuries.

Additionally, there is no allocation for the “Free Medicine” program for the long-term patients, zero home delivery

for pregnant women, and free ambulance services to access the local health center and hospital facilities within the

municipality. There is a lack of confidence that this budget will contribute to the prosperity of Kali Gandaki along its

path. The budget does not seem to have any provision for the municipality’s pride, youth entrepreneurship,

small-scale industries, and modern agriculture promotion. Most of the budget is allocated to ongoing projects,

immediate relief management for flood victims, and arrangements for immediate relief for both human and natural

disasters, which have allocated a very small budget. In the current fiscal year, according to the expenditure details

publicly announced by the municipality, the expense for fuel and maintenance of vehicles used for various purposes

amounts to only around 45 to 50 lakhs. This budget falls significantly short of providing free treatment to all citizens

of Kali Gandaki, as the budget for this purpose is only 60 lakhs, which is insufficient. The allocation for road

construction in various sections within the municipality has been reduced to 10/10 lakhs, which raises uncertainty

about how many roads will be constructed, their quality, and the level of construction. The budget document includes

various sections like 11.4, 12.7, 12.8, and 13.17, but the budget allocation seems to focus only on formality and limited

personal development, rather than being oriented towards progress. It is not an exaggeration to say that the budget

does not prioritize the enthusiasm of 85% of the farmers within the municipality. The budget for the upcoming fiscal

year also remains silent on the rights of young entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in agriculture and animal

husbandry for their future. Kali Gandaki Rural Municipality has started or not started the production of dragon

fruits, kiwi, bananas, and other fruits. The current state of marketization of agricultural products, production targets,

and future plans are not mentioned in the municipality. They are not included in the budget document.

The matter of local liquor branding, which is the subject of interest for everyone, the major problem faced by farmers

in the form of monkeys damaging their crops, and the necessary technology for its control are not addressed in the

budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It can be said that confidence in achieving the dreams of the municipality’s

prosperity is not instilled by this budget, which does not provide adequate documentation based on the available

sources of uncertain income and planned details.


सम्बन्धित खवर