Chitra Bahadur Shahi, 60, of Arbeng, Putlibazar Municipality- 8, Syangja, has been arrested by the police on Sunday afternoon along with 4 kg and 500 grams of cannabis. Police arrested him along with the cannabis after receiving information that illegal cannabis was hidden in Shahi’s house.
Jhapa, Mechinagar Municipality-7 Police have arrested four persons from Siddhartha Tol on Sunday afternoon along with 28 grams of illegal drug brown sugar. Among the arrested are Sitaram Aangdambe and his wife Manisha Magar, 24-year-old Kalyan Rai of Sunsari Dharan Sub-Metropolis-5 and Rejan Lakandri, 24, of the same sub-metropolis-16.
After receiving information that Sitaram and Manisha had bought and sold brown sugar, police deployed from Area Police Office, Kakandvitta and Drug Control Bureau, Kakandvitta were investigating. They found 13 grams of brown sugar, Rs 133,000 in cash and three mobile phones in Manisha’s room and arrested them. Police have also recovered the motorcycle.
Dhading, Gajuri Gaonpalika-1 Police have arrested two persons from Gajuri Bazaar on Sunday night. Among the arrested are Dilip Dahal , 22, of Sunaula Bazaar in Nilkantha Municipality-6 and Rajan Pariyar, 20, of the same place. Police from the Area Police Office, Gajuri, arrested them with marijuana while inspecting the scooter.
The local police is conducting further investigation in this regard.


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