From the general people to the heads of states, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected everyone.
The individuals testing positive for the coronavirus face further challenges. With many such individuals in home quarantine, they might lack awareness as to what to do and what not to do. While such a situation is common among many, some infected individuals from Pathari Shanishchare Municipality have created a group to share their experiences and situations, to spread awareness and motivate each other.
Around 20 infected individuals who won against the virus and health personnel treating the infected communicate with each other through a chat group on Facebook. The infected individuals seek suggestions regarding their food intake and daily routine to be followed during the infection period.
“The group consists of individuals of our municipality who tested positive for the virus. We shared our experiences from which we became aware of what we should do or eat and what we shouldn’t,” said Chetnath Paudel, campus chief at Pathari Multiple Campus and a member of the infected group.
The group also consists of other individuals from different backgrounds including government officials, businessmen and teachers, among others.
“We came to know of our dietary plans by revealing to and discussing with each other and were facilitated by a senior official of Pathari Hospital and individuals who have recovered from the infection,” said Paudel.
The individuals, who have tested positive since nearly a fortnight, have been communicating for more than a week.
As per the members of the group, the communication motivated each other and was one of the major means that helped them fight harder against the virus.
“It was not only about sharing our experiences; we motivated each other in the group. The motivation was the most important thing to help us fight against the virus,” said Bishnu Pokharel, another infected member in the group.
With the suggestions received and experiences shared, the individuals had performed their daily activities cautiously and also kept their body fit by performing normal exercises and having a balanced diet.
“The group members were over 40 years of age but we shared as well as performed yoga methods with them. The sharing increased our awareness level and we performed what was good for an infected individual,” said Pokharel.
They have given their samples for testing on Thursday, and are waiting for the results. All are looking forward to their victory.
“Sharing our experiences and knowing more about what we need to abstain from helped us a lot in the whole ordeal. We all look forward to a negative result for COVID-19 and request others to remain in touch because it assists to intensify our fight against the virus,” said Paudel.
However, since about a 100 individuals of Pathari Shanishchare Municipality who had earlier given their swab samples for test had to wait for almost a week for the result, they wished the concerned authority didn’t repeat similar sluggishness. .


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