Nirjal Bhandari , Lalitpur

September 25,2020

Nine people who lost their lives in the landslide in Syangja have been cremated at Ramdi in Ramnadidham, the confluence of Syangja and Palpa. Eight separate pyres were made for nine people. The 6-month-old baby was cremated in the same grave with 19-year-old mother Binita Nepali Jibalal Pariyar, one of the relatives, had given dagbatti to all of them as there was no one in the family to give dagbatti as they all belonged to the same family. The village is now in mourning after the incident claimed the lives of nine members of the same family. Manisha Nepali, 16, who was rescued alive after being buried in a landslide, is undergoing treatment at Gandaki Medical College in Pokhara. The entire cost of Manisha’s treatment will be borne by the Walling Municipality


सम्बन्धित खवर