Nirjal Bhandari

Kathmandu: Kyoto University of Advanced Science in Kyoto, Japan has started a new career in the world of engineering. Many believe this could be a good opportunity for students in a country like Nepal. The college has stated that English medium education will be conducted from September 2021 so that students can study not only in Japanese language. The main objective of the college is to produce modern engineers in the world with the aim of producing modern full-fledged engineers and the objective of producing modern full-fledged engineers is to launch a modern style global engineering course.Kyoto University of Advanced Science believes that Nepali engineers will be able to produce global engineers to meet the new technologies evolving in globalization and to meet the demand for engineers in developed Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, India and China.According to Takeda Kiyoshika, director of the international office at Kyoto University of Advanced Sciences, an engineer who has mastered only one of the traditional fields in the world will no longer be important. Because he can always do nothing in modern technology alone without the help of engineers in other fields.The Nepali students have been received by the Nepal Representative of the University, IGC Business Holding .

For more information, visit https://igc.com.np/KUAS.php, according to IGC Business Holdings. Similarly, the office can also apply directly from Vishal Nagar. The IGC has requested the students to contact those who want to study as the seats are limited.




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