5 September 2020- 31st Leadbox Toastmasters Club meeting was held with amazing Toastmasters and enthusiastic Guests. The leadbox toastmaster meeting starts at 3:30 pm every Saturday. The meeting was started with theme of Dear Society that aware us about the present scenario of our society with TMOE TM Puja Bhatta .
In the featured speech session, TM Manoj Subedi, TM Sunil Acharya and TM Sushil Budhathoki delivered featured speeches based on their respective projects of Toastmasters’ Pathways.
TM Abhishek Khadgi, TM Parthivendra Upadhyaya and DTM Shaurab Lohani evaluated TM Manoj Subedi, TM Sunil Acharya and TM Sushil Budhathoki respectively offering them necessary feedbacks for the future improvements. Likewise, TM Ankit Goenka evaluated the entire session as General Evaluator.
Table Topic session conducted by vivid TM Ashok Pangeni was another section of the meeting where TM Bikash Gaju, Guest Prativa Pandey and TM Bishal Joshi presented their impromptu skills of public speaking on various topics based on the theme of the meeting.
All the indirect role players performed well in their respective roles; TM Rabin Pokhrel as Grammarian, TM Bikash Gyawali as Ah-Counter, TM Bhojraj Joshi as Timer and TM Kiran Sharmaas Ballot Counter.
TM Gaurab Aryal started the session as SAA and welcomed all the participants and TM Nirajan Shrestha presided the meeting and introduced all the guests.
Featured Speech: TM Manoj Subedi
Table Topics: Guest Prativa Pandey
Evaluator: DTM Shaurab Lohani
Indirect Role: TM Puja Bhatta(TMoE)


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