05 Sep, 2020

Pandemic isn’t over yet. Daily increasing number of patients from pandemic is creating havoc situation. Daily workers and the poor family still in hope that their working days will come. Elderly people still don’t know what to do in this situation. Closing their hands is only the way they think that will work in this pandemic. Though, for a timing the symptoms were increasing but now the recovery percentage of people is decreasing day by day. Walking alone in the street is full of fear. Though fear has hit everyone we found elderly people and children with their poor mother being in trouble. So, Sahayogi Nepal couldn’t resist their needy face and came back again with a relief distribution program.

Mr.Ojha says,This time as usual Sahayogi Nepal helped 29 children, 27 mothers and 29 elderly people. With full precautions of the pandemic we launched our camp, like usuals, we helped elderly people with nutritional foods. We helped women to run their family with daily necessary food that we common people need. With toys and kits for the children. Helping them was necessary as their family members who used to work and get rid of their starvation are now captivated in their house. So, we were pleaded to help them.


सम्बन्धित खवर