Ram Chandra Nepal

Madhav Sharma of Rampur Municipality Ward No. 5 Rangwang has reached 45 years of age.

He is the youngest among four sisters and four brothers.

His childhood was spent in a normal way. Being the youngest son of the family, he got everyone’s love from an early age.

Since his family belonged to an educated family, his parents believed that everyone should be educated.

That’s why everyone in the family has read as much as possible. Madhav’s education started from Ramtulsi Secondary School in Rampur. There he studied from class 1 to class 6. After that, he could not continue to study there.

Madhav’s elder brother was a government employee. He went with him to Waglung and studied there.

After that, wherever my brother was transferred, he went with the same brother and studied LLC from Rampur in Palpa. By the time Madhav founded LLC, the Maoist ideology was growing in Nepal.

Therefore, he could not continue his studies in Rampur and went to Kathmandu.

He settled in Kathmandu and continued his studies. At the same time, he joined an organization called The Reyukai Nepal.

He got the opportunity to learn how to change his behavior, how to become a good person, how to serve the poor, and he started to apply it in his life.

When he was living in Kathmandu, there was a wave of Nepalese going abroad.

But he did not think of going abroad. Thinking of how to make it easier for people going abroad, Varu joined the World Language Campus in Kathmandu.

There he studied Japanese language for three years among other subjects.

He also started teaching Japanese in various institutes in Kathmandu. Instead of teaching in other institutes in Kathmandu, Madhav wanted to return to his own place and open an institute in Rampur.

After returning to Rampur, he opened an institute named Ocean Language Institute.

By this time he was married. Children were also born.

On top of that, Mrs. Pramila Kafle was diagnosed with cancer. After she had to go to India many times for treatment, the institute, which was running very well, had to be closed.

After about a year of treatment, Mrs. Pramila recovered completely.

After that, the knowledge he gained in Reyukai and the incident in his own family inspired him to engage in social service. Joining Reyukai, his thinking was to serve society.

That is why he established the Lakshmi Narayan Memorial Foundation.

Madhav is now living with his family and is continuing to develop the Lakshmi Narayan Memorial Foundation.

About 50 ropanis of land have been contracted. He is investing the income from there in social service. Some other land was sold and the money was kept in the bank in a safe way.

Only the interest of that has reached him to run the family. Madhav had also reared two jersey cows some time ago. Milk was also bought in the market.

Grass was also planted on 12 acres of land to run a cow farm. There was also a plan to run a cow farm in an organized manner, but the plans to run a cow farm were shelved when the wife was ill and there was no one to work for her.

Although there was no one to work, he also sold Jersey cows. The plan to run an agricultural firm is still not dead.

Now the restaurant business has been expanded.

Now Madhav is thinking of doing other businesses as well.

When he was the coordinator, he also conducted many trainings related to child rights.

Similarly, in coordination with various agencies, deck benches were also gathered. As Madhav can speak and write Japanese well, he also appealed for help by taking the Japanese social worker Okebaje, who is doing social service in East Palpa, to various places.

As a result, some school buildings were also built in East Palpa on his initiative, he said. Madhav is also involved in various organizations in Rampur.

He is working in a responsible position in various organizations in the village, including the share member of Rampur Cooperative, Andhakar Savings and Shreen Cooperative.

Madhav, who is interested in yoga meditation, helped many people during the Covid situation in Nepal, from taking patients to the hospital to buying medicines and bringing them home, he was very involved in counseling.

He is helping many people because he is helping those who are in need.

He has not been active in any politics so far and he says that he has no plans to do so in the coming days. Madhav has helped a lot especially children, and the helpless and the sick.

He is always involved in the work of bringing those who are facing problems in treatment due to lack of finances to the relevant place. He said that his wife Pramila also had the same support to engage in social service.

We too can learn a lot from the life of Madhav who is a father of two daughters and apply it in our own behavior.


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