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Tank Bahadur Khatri was born forty years ago in a place called Marung Dagam in Gulmi district.

Now he lives with his family in a place called Parsawal, Murgia, Ward No. 3, Sainamaina Municipality, Rupandehi District.
Tank Bahadur is the youngest among eight brothers.

Tank Bahadur did not believe that his parents told him to read when he was young.

That’s why he doesn’t come to read articles, because of which he sometimes regrets not reading.
Tank Bahadur’s childhood was spent by herding cows and goats.

There was a cowshed about fifteen minutes above the house.

There was no problem to stay because not only he but also other neighbors had cows.

From the age of 12, he used to live in the cowshed and take care of the cattle.
This is what Tank Bahadur learned when he was fourteen years old.

The brothers of the village used to work in India, and when the brothers came on vacation, they used to go to the cows.

He used to tell about his brothers working in India.

It seemed that even Tank Bahadur could have gone to work in India.

Due to his strong desire to go to India, one day he reached India with his brothers without informing anyone in the family.
There was a lot of searching for Tank Bahadur at home.

At that time there were no mobile phones like today.

The means of contact was not as easy as it is today.

After reaching India, he asked his brothers to write in a letter that he had reached India, and only then did the family feel confident.
After reaching India, Tank Bahadur initially worked in a sweet shop for a week.

That job was not easy and he left.

After that he worked for a month in the house of a Panjavi.

He left that too.

After that, the brothers worked in the office of a blanket factory.

In the office, he had to prepare tea and breakfast for the guests who came there.

After Tank Bahadur, who started his job with fifteen hundred, his salary increased to four thousand.
Tank Bahadur spent four years in India and came home. Even after coming home, he decided to go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Dubai anywhere and made a passport. After collecting about 90,000, father, mother, brothers, all reached Qatar.
He worked in construction for eight years in Qatar.

They had to build big houses and bridges.

When he went abroad, he paid off his debt, saved some money and even set up a house in a place called Sinamaina in Rupandehi.
He did not want to stay in Qatar for a long time.

He always wanted to do something new in Nepal, but because there was no one to give him an idea, he did not try to do any business.
One Jeet Bahadur Khatri kept bees in Sainamaina.

Jeet Bahadur had taken his forty hives to Dang to graze bees.

At that time it was time to collect bees.

Jeet Bahadur called Tank Bahadur’s uncle Krishna Khatri to Dang to collect bees.

Krishna decided not to go to Dang, but to send Dang to Tank Bahadur who had just arrived from abroad.
He reached Dang as the son of Tank Bahadur and Jeet Bahadur.

In Dang, Jeet Bahadur advised Tank Bahadur to keep bees.

After returning from Dang, Tank Bahadur bought a beehive with five hives from Jit Bahadur’s bee firm for thirty five thousand. He learned things he did not know from Jeet Bahadur.
Tank Bahadur started making beekeeping his main profession.

It was increased from five hives to ten, twenty to hundred hives.

He started taking various trainings to advance the beekeeping business.

He was interested in beekeeping. Then he registered the company as New Malmala Maury Udyog.
It has been twelve years since Tank Bahadur started the beekeeping business.

The beekeeping business that started with five hives has now reached fifty hives.

They are working day and night to find out how to further advance the beekeeping business.

Currently, he has planted bees in Lumwini, Amuwa, Sisai, Murgia, Basgadhi and other places to graze bees. He has around one hundred beehives around his house.

He has earned fame and fortune by doing beekeeping business.
Tank Bahadur told in the conversation that the honey juice is distributed retail at 700 rupees per kg and wholesale according to location. Apart from that, by selling beehives and beehives, they are doing business worth more than twenty lakh rupees annually.
Up to 12 workers are needed during honey harvesting and at other times, the family takes care of the bees themselves.

Tank Bahadur, who has become the father of a son and a daughter, has made all the progress he has made from the bees.

He says that success can be achieved if you continue to do any work without giving up.
Even though he has made so much progress, he regrets that he didn’t listen to his parents and didn’t study when he was young.

If I had studied, I could have made more progress. He said in the conversation that he could not do what he thought because he did not read.
The business of Tank Bahadur, who started investing 500,000 crores, is worth millions of crores today. It can be known from his biography that success can be achieved if the work is not called big or small


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