Ram Chandra Nepal

March 24

Sundar Prasad Shrestha’s house is located in Tansen Municipality Ward No. 1 Gorkhekot of Palpa District. He is 52 years old. He is survived by one brother, one brother, one sister and two sisters.
Sundar Prasad’s childhood was very sad. The economic situation was not so good. Mother used to do housework and agricultural work while father was unemployed. When my father started accounting, the financial situation improved.
There was no school in Gorkhekot at that time. Tansen had to come to Bazar to study. In the mornings and evenings, cattle grazing at home was started by coming to Bhagwati Primary School in Tansen’s Bhagwati Mandir Hata to study.
The school was far away but Sundar had a great desire to study. He studied in Bhagwati Pravi Bhagwatisthan till class three. At that time, it was not the custom of schools to give dresses as it is now. He still vividly remembers going to Tansen with bare feet and wearing a blue shirt made in Khagi’s kattu and Hetauda textile industry.
Sundar studied in Tansen’s school from class four. He was very interested not only in reading and writing but also in extracurricular activities. He used to participate in various competitions organized by the school, he used to participate in extracurricular activities such as answering, spelling, debates.
Sundar passed his SLC from Papanmawi. There was always a lack of money to study. That’s why he used to gather his brothers and sisters who were in a lower class than him and teach them home tuition. For that reason, he used to get 20 to 30 rupees a month from each of them. By doing this, he continued his studies even while studying on campus, he continued to do home tuition.
Sundar withdrew his name from the Education Commission in 2049. After his name came out in the commission, he taught in Balhit Mavi Sahalkot for 18 months and Ganpati Mavi in Virkot for two years. After getting a job, there was no financial problem to study
While studying at Ganapati University, he got an opportunity to work in an NGO called Lirdus Nepal in Dhangadhi. After the salary was much better than the teacher’s salary and the financial condition of the house would also improve, he resigned from his permanent job and reached Dhangadhi. At that time his monthly salary was more than forty thousand rupees. I spent about four years in an organization called Lirdus Nepal.
While working in Readers Nepal, he got to learn many new things. The knowledge that you should not only keep the things you know to yourself, but to share them with everyone, added to the beauty.
While living in Dhangadhi for four years, not only the knowledge of many things but also the financial situation changed. He felt that he should leave the job of Dhangadhi and do something related to education in his own place. He realized the problem of studying away. Together with four like-minded friends, they founded the Wisdom English Vocational School in their native Gorkhekot.
Wading schools were brought into operation for about 13 years, at that time, the Maoist conflict in Nepal had increased greatly. Wading schools were about to be closed. The Sundars confidently ran the voting and ran it like a campaign that the voting schools should be united. In Rupandehi district, the umbrella organization of the Vodings, PAPSON, was opened. It was not opened in Palpa. His friends along with him decided that PAPSON should be opened and Palpa also worked as the founding secretary of PAPSON.
Due to various reasons, there was a problem in running the Voding, so I had to sell the Voding and went to Kathmandu. Went to Kathmandu and ran a grocery store for some time.
Some educated people of Palpa should do something in Palpa, not shop in Kathmandu. He returned to Palpa after trying to get him back to Palpa saying that a person like you should be in Palpa. After coming to Palpa, he worked for four years as branch in-charge in Surya Life Insurance.
Meanwhile, the condition of the school in Tansen’s Bhushaldad near his place was very critical. Anil Khad told about the condition of the school. He proposed that Sundar should come to the school and help him. Sundar’s name kept coming up again and again in the meeting of the school management committee. After everyone brought him and saw the improvement of the school, everyone tried to bring him to the school. Sundar also made a condition that if I come to the school, I must do as I said. After his words were implemented in the school management committee, he started teaching in the school.
When Sundar taught in the school in 2068, the number of students was only 12. The classrooms were very dirty. He started devising various ways to make the students better. Due to the experience of conducting voting, the condition of the school began to improve. The number of students increased from 12 to 98 in the first academic term.Other teachers teaching in the school, officials of the management committee and parents also supported the campaign day and night to see how the beautiful school with a very hockey nature can be moved forward.
The school began to develop in all directions. After the school gave quality results in the first year, it became the school of Bhushaldanda as the choice of students and parents.
The students were increasing but the classrooms were not enough. At the same time, the local Basudev Khadka had contact with the Japanese social worker Okebaje. He brought Okebaje to the school and told him about the school. Okebaje helped to build a four-room building by giving 6 lakh rupees. A plan was made to play Deusi Bhailo to advance the school and more than 500,000 was collected. After that, with the help of various agencies and OKBAJ, the buildings in the school started to be built gradually.
The other teachers of the school, the parents, the officials of the management committee kept on talking day and night about how the school can be improved, due to which the condition of the school has changed a lot. 520 students have reached the school which was about to be closed, or say 12 students. There are currently 34 people working in the school as teachers and staff.
The number of students enrolling in the school is also increasing due to the fact that the medium of education is English. Digvi Hoyle, the Director of Mission Hospital around 2069, also helped a lot to improve the condition of the school.
Sundar has a very hockey nature. It is heard from the mouths of the parents that he has a big hand in bringing the school to this state.
Sundar considers Bhushaldanda school as his life. Even now, he is working day and night to improve the educational condition of the school. He believes that if there is discipline and strong will, it can be done. Sundar, who has worked so much, is a private school teacher
Now the name of Sri Bhushaldanda Secondary School is also used in Palpa district. Sundar says that he is not only with himself but with the whole team to come to this situation.
His life partner Leela Shrestha also has the same support and support to bring him to where he is today. He has always supported and encouraged Sundar’s work. He has become the father of a son and a daughter. One of Sundar’s sons has passed engineering and his daughter is studying in class 12.
Sundar Shrestha has become a dynamic example that not only school but society can be changed by working with the spirit of homelessness. He has equally contributed in various social fields. We can learn a lot from his life and apply it in our life.


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