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Jayaram Burlakoti’s birth place is in Salyantar Siktar, Ward No. 2, Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Dhading District.

His age has reached 51 years. He is Mahilo among four brothers.
Jairam, who has been very hardworking since childhood and believes that he should stand on his own feet, is very busy these days.

Today there is no such thing as what to eat and what to bring like in the past. He has honestly earned both name and price according to his hard work. By reaching more than 40 districts of Nepal, we have not only made our business known among the Nepalese, but we have also sent our products to export abroad.

Jayaram grew up very sad as a child. The main occupation of father and mother was farming. He helped his parents with housework in the morning and went to school in the afternoon to further his education.
At that time there were no scattered schools in the village as it is now, there was Bhimodaya Secondary School about half an hour away from his house, he had to go there.

Even today,Jayaram still remembers the situation of going to school in the morning and having dinner and going to bed in the evening is easy.
Jayaram studied in Bhimodaya High School till class eight. Ranipauwa Mavi was opened in Salyantar near the village when he was studying in ninth grade. After the school was opened in the village, it became easier to study. Time is also saved.Jayaram passed his SLC from Ranipauwa M.V. Their batch was the first batch to give SLC from the school opened in the village.
After passing the SLC, Jayaram had a problem to pursue higher education. There were no campuses for higher education in the village. The alternative was to go to Kathmandu and study. But the financial situation was not good for going to Kathmandu to study. He decided to go to Kathmandu to study after consulting his parents.
After reaching Kathmandu, Jayaram joined Mahendra Ratna Campus in Tahachal. He was admitted but it was not easy to stay in Kathmandu. He searched a lot for work, but he didn’t get a job at the time he wanted. Even though he wanted to study, he began to wonder if he would stop studying. While searching for work, he got a job as a salesman in a shop in Thamel.
As Thamel is a place where foreign tourists come to Nepal, he thought that even if he earns a little money from his job, he can learn a lot. Worked as a salesman for about three years. He did work, but he was worried that he would stop studying. Likewise, he passed the IA and was admitted to VEMA.
While studying and working,Jayaram was able to go abroad to study. It was around the year 2057 that he applied for studying in a country called UK. After submitting the application, the interview date was fixed.

His father died at that time. After the death of his father, his desire to study abroad stopped.
He worked in various shops in Thamel for about ten years.

He gained many experiences while working there. Foreigners are very fond of products made from hemp bark. (Gheri, hem allo or things made from hemp bark) Jairam came to know about this. He started his own business from 2068, thinking that it would be better to do this kind of business by himself rather than working for others.
There are many clothes made from hemp bark in the market now. Others had prepared clothes, but he bought them himself and started selling them by branding his company’s name.
Jairam initially spent 20,000 rupees and started working by keeping two machines.

After the business started to be much better than he expected, now goods are being produced from nine machines. It is also giving employment to 12 people monthly.
Jairam is trying to find out how to brand the products he has produced. He is selling and distributing his products by going to fairs held in different parts of the country.

He mainly produces hats, purses, ascots, coats, small hand purses for women and slightly larger bags (shopping bags). In a conversation with villager  Jayaram said, “Although the clothes we are using now look like clothes, they are mostly made of plastic. After burning the three, we only know later that it is plastic. It has been proven by various facts that it is very harmful to the body.”

But all the materials we produce are organic, which are very useful for the body, foreigners already know that they are looking for organic clothes, we have not yet recognized it, but we hope to know it gradually.”
It has reached about 40 districts of the country in connection with the Jairam festival. He says that Nepalese people do not pay much attention to goods produced in their own place, but foreigners give great importance to them.
Wife Srijana Dhakal (Burlakoti) has also helped Jayaram, who is a father of one son and one daughter.

He also told us that his wife does all the work when he is out and that he would call to ask if the goods ran out during the festival.
Jayaram, who was in a situation of what to eat and what to bring, has earned both name and price today. He believes that success can be achieved if he does not consider the work he is going to do big or small.

Jayaram who brought his goods to sell at the stall in the first Tansen festival organized by Tansen municipality, repeated that we do not do any work continuously, we do something and leave it when the results come, then how can we achieve success.
We can also learn a lot from the life of Jayaram who is very hardworking, helpful and cheerful.

We will also be able to contact Jayaram at 9841972571 to get many things, who is eager to sell the products he has produced and also to train those who do something in his place.


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