Ram Chandra Nepal

CPN (UML) Member of Parliament Rishikesh Pokharel has demanded the government to form an inquiry commission empowered to solve cooperative problems.

Speaking at a special time of the House of Representatives meeting on Monday, MP Pokharel demanded the formation of an empowered investigation commission to solve the problem of cooperatives. He also said that the classification of cooperatives and the source of assets should be verified.


He said that the problem will be solved if a regulatory body is created that understands the need to study the borrowers, the binding arrangement and the movement to repay the loan. He said that it is also necessary to amend the law. He said that problems have arisen in the cooperatives now that the state is unable to manage timely laws and make the regulatory bodies irresponsible.

Problems have arisen due to the state not being able to manage timely laws, the regulatory bodies becoming irresponsible, the state sending officials who do not understand and do not want to understand the cooperative movement to the regulatory bodies, and political interference at various times. The owners of the pubs and the irresponsible regulatory bodies imitated the commercialism of co-operation, co-existence and avoiding the roar of life. And business, business, hiding capital and making black money white.” He said, “That’s why the cooperative movement is in trouble today. There are few problems in social cooperatives. But today the general cooperative movement has been injured due to the problems created by the cooperatives opened for business. Therefore, to protect this movement, the government should immediately form a powerful investigation commission and investigate responsibly. I would like to urge the government to immediately form a competent investigation commission.

He said that due to political interference, problems appeared in cooperatives.


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