Ram Chandra Nepal

The participants of the program held in Tansen said that due to the increasing encroachment, there is a challenge in the protection of heritage of historical, archeological and religious importance.

The team that came to Palpa under the leadership of Director General of Archeology Department Shaubagya Pradhanang, especially after studying, monitoring, inspecting and analyzing the condition of the heritage within Tansen municipality, the participants of the discussion program organized with the aim of providing information to the stakeholders raised this point.


In the program, Ram Bahadur Kunwar, a senior officer of the Department of Archeology, informed about the results obtained while analyzing the condition of the historical and archaeological assets of the district. He said that as the encroachment of heritage is increasing, it should be stopped immediately. Senior officer Kanwar informed that works are being done in violation of the Ancient Monuments Protection Act 2013 in Palpa Darwar Sangrahalaya Complex, Amarnarayan Temple area, Bhagwati Temple, Srinagar, Ranighat Palace, Rishikesh Temple in Ruru area and other properties. He asked Tansen to make a plan to protect the old houses in the market area along with other heritage.

Stakeholders participating in the discussion said that the encroachment of editors has been taking place from the government sector in recent times. They said that the direct supervision of the department is necessary during the heritage conservation and management work, but there is no such thing and more problems have been observed when the work is carried out in consultation with the relevant local bodies. The participants emphasized that the Palpa Darbar Sangrahalaya complex should be taken to the same form as it was in 1995 according to the prepared master plan. For this, he emphasized that all the government structures in the palace complex should be removed immediately. Similarly, the participant said that the truth should be made public about whether or not there has been encroachment on the Ranighat Durbar area.

Director General of the Department of Archeology Pradhanang said that a clear master plan should be made in order to protect heritage. He said that in the name of development, there is an additional risk to heritage, so it is important to understand and explain the importance of heritage.

Santosh Lal Shrestha, Mayor of Tansen Municipality, said that there will be support and facilitation in matters of heritage protection and management. He informed that the discussion resulted in the conclusion of working with agreement and cooperation in the protection of archaeological heritages.


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