Ram Chandra Nepal

In two jalpas of Purva Khola Rural Municipality of Palpa, houses and barns have started to be covered with straw.

The practice of covering the house with thatch or thatch to protect the house from the sun and rain was going on from the ancestors. Today, after the use of tin, casting and trust, most of Jalpa’s houses, sheds and cottages are being used in the construction of tin, casting and trust. Local min b. Rana explains. The young farmers of today may not even know how to make roofs by making bamboo poles and bhats. Rana said that if new people do not know how to build thatched houses, which are warm in the cold season and cool in the summer, this kind of rice will not be lost.


Dayaram Pandey, a local, says that in the place where the village house used to be used for farming, now it is hard to find even a farmer, and earlier there used to be adhikham houses for thatched camping, but now there are no houses for thatched camping anywhere.


Purvkhola village former ward no. Out of 65 houses in 1 Sakine, only 5 houses and 10 sheds are thatched. Pandey said that local and foreign tourists would like to see the thatched house and it would increase the income of the local people.


सम्बन्धित खवर