Ram Chandra Nepal

2 community buildings built in Bagnaskali Rural Municipality-3 Nair have been inaugurated.
Saraswati Chidi, chairperson of Bagnaskali Rural Municipality inaugurated the Nair Community Women’s Building and Paridanda Community Building during a program.

While inaugurating the building, President Chidi said that it will be easy to conduct various community level programs and community work in this building. Currently, social programs of mobile service of the health post are being conducted in the building. Chairman Chidi said that it was also easy for the vaccination center.

Bagnaskali rural municipality vice president Hari Prasad Pathak, ward no. Tika Bahadur Thapa, chairman of 3 and spokesperson of the rural municipality, said that the community building will be very convenient for the locals. Amar Prasad Shrestha and Khum Bahadur Thapa, the landowners who supported the construction of the building, were honored in the program.

The work of the Nair Community Women’s Building was somewhat incomplete in previous years. In the current financial year, the construction work of the building has been completed with 9 lakh rupees allocated from Bagnaskali Rural Municipality. Similarly, Dhanprasad Shrestha, the chairman of the construction committee, said that Paridanda Community Building was completed with the support of the provincial government in fiscal year 2078/079.

The program was welcomed by the executive member Basanti Thapa, chaired by ward president Tika Bahadur Thapa and conducted by ward secretary Madhav Bhandari.


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