Ram Chandra Nepal

Palpa, Ribdikot Rural Municipality has honored 68 workers who have been making a living as wage laborers on a daily basis with awareness.

According to the rural municipality, the program is aimed at ending problems such as not saving laborers, premature death due to lack of attention to health, and ensuring quality living conditions for workers.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Employment Program, the workers of all the eight wards within the rural municipality were honored by bringing them to the rural municipality on Thursday. They were honored with garlands, dresses and cash. 1 no. in the program. Ward Khyahaka 10, 2 no. Ward Deurali 20, 3 no. Ward Khasyauli 12, 4 no. Ward Bhairavasthanka 8, 5 no. Ward Kusumkholaka 3, 6 no. Ward Thimureka 7, 7 no. No. 4 and 8 of Ward Palungmainadi. There are 4 people from Ward Fek.

Narayan Bahadur Karki, Chairman of the Rural Municipality, informed that the program was organized to inform the underprivileged workers living within the rural municipality who are taking the responsibility of supporting their families by daily wage labor and their responsibilities and the role of the local government. He said that the local level government should lead the development and prosperity along with the easy lifestyle of the citizens, so the program was first given priority to the working class. Chairman Karki informed that in view of the fact that the earning and enjoying situation of the working class in the rural municipality has a negative impact on the family and the society as well as the incident where he himself lost his life at a young age, an awareness and respect program was conducted to make the workers aware. He said that even though large-scale development work cannot be done according to the needs of the citizens, this program has been done by the rural municipality to take guardianship in order to support its citizens in the lifestyle they should adopt to live a full life.

Village Vice President Kanta Adhikari said that the program will help to increase the self-esteem of the workers and increase enthusiasm for work. He said that the municipality is committed to creating an environment where carpenters, carpenters and other workers in the village can lead a responsible and happy life by instilling confidence in their work.

Local government is the government at people’s doorsteps. Chief Administrative Officer Mani Prasad Khanal said that the Shramik Samman program was organized with the thought that the government should pay attention to the happiness and prosperity of all the people. He said that the first program was organized to increase the enthusiasm of well-behaved workers and to instill faith in other workers.

The program informed the workers about the impact of their behavior on their family and neighborhood. Also, Chief Administrative Officer Khanal said that the participating workers have expressed their commitment to gradually stop work.

Ruklal Bhattarai, the official of the rural municipality, who facilitated the awareness and respect program, the correct use of the value obtained from labor, the development of saving habits, health care and the role to be played in the Prime Minister’s employment program and the employment of the rural municipality, was informed by the employment coordinator Durga Thapa Pachai, journalist and trainer Ram Prasad Neupane and others.


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