Ram Chandra Nepal

Nepal Electricity Authority Palpa Distribution Center organized a press meet program to inform about the work it is currently doing and will do in the coming days.
During the press conference, Chief Engineer of the center Dilip Maraseni informed that 33 transformers have been installed in various places including Tansen market area this year, the capacity of 8 distribution transformers has been increased, and 50 percent of wooden poles have been replaced for easy power supply.
He also informed that about 50% discount has been given in the water tariff of Bhulke section of Tansen Water Consumer Committee by changing the customer category and online device reading service has been implemented since January.
Head of the center Maraseni said that 20 lakh 96 thousand, 263 rupees were collected from 20 blacklisted customers and 33 KV line of Butwal Palpa was routed through Jaigal, which caused pain at any time during rainy season. , Bhutuke and Satyavati Gijanchaur of Bhutuke and Tinau 4 also informed that the central line has been put into operation.
It was informed that for the first time in Nisdi Rural Municipality, the central line was electrified and a new fuse service was installed in Ward No. 4 Millyal of Nisdi Rural Municipality. In this financial year, there is a plan to electrify all places in Palpa, if there is a problem in the Butwal Palpa 33 KV line, the line coming from Gulmi is also planned to be reliable. In this way, the head of the center Maroseni also informed that the new actual load of street lights of Tansen Municipality will be taken out and the billing process will be started this year.
Tansen Bazar is very narrow, so it is very difficult to extend the line, and no one will allow to build a structure near their real estate. Also, he said, some community organizations are operating in a very weak condition (Bhuwanpokhri) so they have to make the necessary improvements or even cancel them. He also informed that he was coming.
In order to ensure the reliability of electricity in Palpa district and CG Cement, Sardeva, the Nepal Electricity Authority is preparing to facilitate and coordinate the construction of the 132-33-11 KV substation in Redi to complete the construction as soon as possible. made
In the program, the journalists told about the electricity situation in Palpa and the problems faced by the people of Palpa. On this occasion, the head of the center Maraseni said that with the help of everyone, the current problems will be solved and everyone’s help is needed.


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