Ramchandra Nepal

The performance of singers at the Tansen Festival has added to the excitement. On Tuesday, the audience was engrossed in the performance of singer Rajan Raj Sivakoti. He performed through his hit songs

“Kutuma kutu supari dana kutuma kutu”, “Surke thalli khai”, “Maya handa rumal khaye khayet” enthralled the audience. The audience cheered and danced along with singer Sivakoti’s performance. Along with Rajan Raj, Indra Jiji, Prem Lamichhane Magar and others also performed on Tuesday.

The main project of Tansen Municipality, the festival held at Tudikhel Maidan has the theme of Agriculture, Employment, Tourism Industry and Business, Tansen Festival 2080. There will be more than 300 stalls at the festival and more than 300,000 people will visit the fair, according to Tansen Municipality, the organizer of the fair.

Yadav Singh Karki, spokesman of Tansen Municipality, said that the first historical festival was organized by the municipality in accordance with the annual policy and program of Tansen Municipality for the identification and creation of jobs and promotion of internal revenue through tourism and agriculture. The Mahatsava, which started from February 19, will run until the 29th.


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