Ram Chandra Nepal

In the last 24 hours, Road Division Kathmandu has said that it has drawn serious attention to the exaggerated reaction on social media about the road passing through the road department premises.

In a statement issued today, the department said that it is regrettable to exaggerate the matter of the roads being muddy due to the rain that came the day after the preparation of the subgrade on Saturday, by linking it to the reputation of the road department.

It is said in the statement, that the builder who contracted with this division for the purpose of upgrading the premises of the road department on Saturday 2080/11/19, prepared the subgrade on the day after the rain, it is regrettable to exaggerate the matter of the road being muddy with the reputation of the road department.

Similarly, in the context that the construction of the road has been prioritized and the builders are starting the work to complete the construction ahead of time, the self-proclaimed experts, who do not understand the reality of the problems encountered on the under-construction road and understand these kinds of natural problems, are considered to be infrastructure experts, and self-proclaimed experts in order to go viral. The department says that it is more unfortunate to act.

This kind of action is demoralizing to the organization which is engaged in the campaign to make the roads under the Roads Department, Road Division Kathmandu free of potholes, spreading a negative message in the society and nothing good is being done in the country. It is mentioned in the statement released by the department.

Therefore, the information officer of Road Division, Kathmandu, should be aware of such exaggerated reactions on social media and respond only by understanding the reality. An appeal has been made in the statement issued under the signature of Pramod Khatiwada.


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