29,August 2020

Like every Saturday, this Saturday an organization named Sahayogi Nepal has distributed nutritious food and various items to children, senior citizens and mothers in Lalitpur.

“The organization has been organizing a program with the support of Foundation de France and Maya Foundation and distributing free health check-ups and various free materials to children under 5 years of age and senior citizens. Accordingly, nutritious food was distributed to 31 children, 29 mothers and 21 senior citizens on Saturday,” said Mrs. Ishwori Dhakal- President of Sahayogi Nepal.

Further he added, Covid all over the world is not an epidemic but a pandemic. When the nation-wide lockdown was ended by the government of Nepal, the disease spread more voraciously, having a greater number of cases on many districts, now the nation is in shutdown. The daily workers who were confined within their home having no work and more fear of the virus with death rate increasing day by day and people couldn’t continue their work. Hence, the hectic situation is being created for them. So, our organization Sahayogi Nepal came again with again relief distribution program.

Further he added, “Our organization helped 31 children, 29 mothers and 19 elderly. We provide them with proper nutritious food and educational kits for children with proper precautions. Everything in the program was with fullest extent of precautions to be followed. Nevertheless, the women were provided daily feast nutritional foods for their family. We are trying all possible measures to provide help. Hope our strategies will also work for future. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Maia foundation and foundation de France for their immense help every time we needed.


सम्बन्धित खवर