Corona all over the world not an epidemic but a pandemic. Giving no clue it surprised the whole world.Starting from China it touched every corners of the world. As Nepal too lies in this world, how it would be possible, we could escape. Due to the rapid growth of cases of COVID-19 in Nepal, which is causing controllable situation like as the world. Due to which no any option was with our government. So,government was compelled to lock down its administrative work with slog of every person.

Though, nation-wide lockdown is open the pandemic isn’t over yet. Virus symptoms is voraciously increasing day by day. 1000 cases over a day, nation still in confusion, what to do? Having a greater number of cases many districts of the nation are in shutdown which seems only the option seeing the situation.
Sahayogi Nepal was helping needy in weekly basis but the voracious increase of symptoms made this project terminated.

President Mr.Ishwori Dhakal (Sahayogi Nepal) says, Having the motto of helping the needy people, we made a strategy. With precautions, On the auspicious day of Father’s Day, Sahayogi Nepal helped 25 elderly people, 36 mothers and 37 children. Mentioning elderly people as nation father in terms of experience and knowledge. We celebrated this day helping them with proper nutritious food and small gift hampers. We even helped children providing nutritional foods with proper precautions. Everything in the program was with fullest extent of precautions for the pandemic.

According to Treasurer Mr.Gopal Ojha says Nevertheless, the women were provided daily feast nutritional foods for their family. We went to all possible doors and able to reach to provide help. Hope our strategies work for future.Mr.Ojha added, thanks to maia foundation and foundation de France for their immense help every time.


सम्बन्धित खवर