4 january 2021

Schools that have been closed for about 10 months due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), which has become an epidemic around the world, are now reopening. The government is preparing to reopen the schools that have been closed since last April.

A meeting of the high-level Covid-19 Management Steering Committee (CCMC) formed for the prevention of Covid-19 on Sunday decided to reopen the school. The next cabinet meeting will take a formal decision in this regard. The CCMC has also decided to give the right to close schools, movie theaters, gyms, and other facilities to the District Covid Crisis Management Center if necessary.

According to Mahendra Prasad Guragain, Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, the right to close the open schools will now be vested in the District Covid Crisis Management Center.

Although the central government is preparing to formally decide to open schools, some locals have already started teaching by opening schools. Some government schools in Kathmandu Valley have also been opened. Most of the educational institutions in the Kathmandu Valley are being taught online.

The government had earlier decided not to open educational associations but allowed schools and universities to meet public health standards. The National Examination Board has completed the Class 12 examination. Similarly, examinations at various levels of schools and universities are underway and some have already gone through the process.


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