Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Hitendra Dev Shakya has clarified that the power had to be cut due to technical problems last Monday and Tuesday. Shakya claimed at a press conference at the Ministry of Energy on Friday that even though there was a technical problem for some time, it has now been resolved.

“Distribution was disrupted due to some problems in the national grid on December 29 and 30,” he said. At that time, Khimti-Lamosanghu-Bhaktapur, Matatirtha-Hetauda-Dhalkewar transmission lines were operating in the same loop. At the same time, as the water level in the picking reservoir of the Marsyangdi Hydropower Station became low, the amount of electricity imported from India was increased to reduce the production to keep the system running smoothly.

NEA has informed that arrangements have been made to increase the import from India in the afternoon, increase the reservoir of the semi-reservoir hydropower plant and supply it in the evening peak hours. NEA has been paying special attention to the weak transmission line. “It is wrong to spread the illusion on social media that there is load shedding when there is a problem with the system and it is being repaired, Use electricity safely. ‘he said

Acting Managing Director Shakya said that the number of power outages in the Kathmandu Valley has decreased in the current fiscal year as compared to last year. “The number of power outages in the current fiscal year is less than the number of power outages in the current fiscal year from July to November last year,” he said. Did “The system was fused 22 times in July last year. At that time, the problem was solved in a short time, so many customers may not have known, ‘he said,’ This year, the system was fused 10 times in July. But no one knew.


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