28 December 2020

When I saw Maoist leader Prachanda sitting on the cold street of Maitighar Mandala on social media, I was tempted to ask, “We are here.” Where is the Mangalsen palace that has the old historical heritage of Achham, which was then the district administration office and had 30 rooms in the three-story palace bought by His Majesty’s government from the king’s children? The Maoists launched a fierce attack on Mangalsen, the headquarters of Achham, at around 11 pm on March 19, 2008.

The Maoists attacked the district administration office, army barracks and police office at the same time and caused heavy loss of life and property. Chief District Officer Mohan Pari Khatri of Pari Achham was also killed in the Maoist attack that night. In the incident, 53 people including an army captain, 59 policemen, two civil servants and eight civilians including 122 people were found unaccounted for in one grave while Mangalsen Durbar was burnt to ashes. With the same fire. Where did the letter come from? (The sun shone on the window of Achham Durbar.

I had to leave because of a letter from somewhere), this Deuda Vaka of the Achhami people who were happy to go to Mangalsen Durbar also turned to ashes. The brutal nature of the Mangal Sen attack had created a great deal of fear and hatred towards the Maoists at that time. Maoist leader Prachanda, who has made his daughter the mayor of Chitwan and his daughter-in-law a minister, was seen pacing the pamphlet with the words “We are here” on his chest like the youths of the common Bibekshil party who are turning to the left as an alternative political force.

The Maoist supporters, who carried out the ten-year revolution under the slogan of building a new Nepal and sacrificed 17,000 lives in the name of the same revolution and destroyed many physical structures of the country, could do nothing but save their families and accumulate wealth.

Not only that, but for Prachanda, the monarchy has become a hoax. Every song of the former King Gyanendra compels the present leaders of the ruling party or the opposition to hum this song. “Why is the heart pounding? Why are the eyes twinkling?” Old Nepali movie Mayalu This song is exactly applicable to the big political parties of Nepal, their leaders and activists as well as the activists who have been running various campaigns. Whenever voices are heard in favor of the return of the monarchy in Nepal or in favor of the monarchy, the heartbeat of the supporters of the republic also begins to increase.

Not only this, King Gyanendra, who is living a normal life, when he goes out among the people and receives the love and greetings of the people, then a sharp arrow is planted in the chest of the leadership of the top party. As a result, many of the leaders’ statements come out sarcastically through their subordinate journalists and media houses.

It is clear from this that the democracy achieved by many prisons and struggles and the leadership leading it do not have faith in this system and they themselves are weak and afraid of themselves. Otherwise, Baburam, who gave a moment to the Maoist people’s war yesterday, Prachanda, who is now the CPN (Maoist) president in the struggle for survival, and the Nepali Congress leaders, who are lost in their own ideology, should not be intimidated by King Gyanendra’s dance. It seems to be falling.

Some time ago, after the sea of ​​people rose in favor of the former king, the president of the Federal Council of the Janata Samajwadi Party, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai tweeted on social media that it was too late to cook the rice of the republic and suggested the youth not to look for the dung of the monarchy and fill the remaining glass by saving half a glass of achievement.

As a leader, in order to protect his existence and maintain his survival, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has not only forgotten that he made the Maoist people’s war a success by carrying guns and ammunition. He has forgotten the principles he started and supported. . Even though he did not say anything against the former king this time, Gyanendra Bhut continues to frighten another top Maoist leader, Prachanda.

The opposition Congress party is in a dilemma whether it is with or without a king. This ambiguity of the Congress has not only reduced the people’s love for the opposition but has also raised doubts. If the basic needs of an ordinary Nepali citizen had been to agitate against caste discrimination, justice against violence against women, efficient policy against corruption, federalism, neither Prachanda nor the hope of a chair would have made him a laughing stock in the cold of Maitighar Mandal.


सम्बन्धित खवर